Our Top Choices for Kindling

Looking forward to enjoying a weekend camping trip or a visit to the cottage? If you plan to start a warm, crackling fire, you’ll need to use the right wood. Choosing your material will make all the difference in the quality of the fire and the amount of heat it produces. To get a long-lasting, steady flame, here are our top choices for kindling.


Pine is commonly used as kindling to start outdoor fires. However, due to the characteristics of the wood, it’s not recommended to use indoors as it expels creosote which can build up in the fireplace and combust. Pine also has a faster burn-time than most other woods because it’s a soft wood that contains resin and sap. For this reason, you’ll need a lot of kindling to start and keep the fire going, so make sure you stock up.

Douglas Fir

Another popular kindling choice is Douglas Fir. Similar to pine, it’s a softwood so you can expect a moderate amount of heat. But because it’s denser than other woods, it can be difficult to ignite. Fir also has a tendency to produce sparks so you should be careful when lighting it at close distances.


If you want plenty of heat but little flame, cedar is a good choice. In fact, cedar tends to burn hot and fast thanks to all the natural oils within the wood. The only downside to cedar kindling is that it can create explosive heat and should never be used inside.

Fire Starter

Wrestling with wood to get the first flames going beyond a smoking pile of timber can be very frustrating. That’s where a fire starter comes into play. It’s easy to light, it maintains a consistent flame in during rains and harsh wind, and it can be used indoors for fireplaces. It’s a convenient item to have on hand whenever you plan to light a fire.

When you want to light a fire with no hassle, Qwick Wick fire starters are a must. Each one contains recycled soy-based wax and Ontario sourced wood shavings that produce a 30-minute burn time and a higher temperature point. So the next time you plan a camping trip or head to the cottage, say goodbye to kindling and newspaper forever and hello to Qwick Wick.