Jason Wall - Qwick Wick Operations Manager

Jason has spent the past 20 years travelling abroad and making roots in Newfoundland & Labrador. Passionate about all things outdoors, he made rock climbing a way of life instead of just a hobby, and when he discovered surfing, all you could see of Jason was his tail lights as he chased the next wave. He's spent more time camping than living inside, so the man knows a thing or two about making a fire. After the devastating Qwick Wick fire in April of 2016, Jason made his way back to Parkhill to help with the rebuild. Shortly after his return to Newfoundland Jason knew his heart was in Parkhill and he returned permanently with his Newfie girl and cat in tow. Jason heads up day to day operations here at the Qwick Wick factory in Parkhill, he's the man behind the machines and making sure every Qwick Wick we send out is top quality for our customers.  
Jason Wall