Our Story

A family run business that was founded 25 years ago by our father Frank Wall, a man gifted with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a background in community aid and development.  QwickWick was born from an idea to create jobs for the people within the community who were affected by mental disabilities. As the demand for our product grew we moved our facilities to a factory in our hometown of Parkhill, ON. With the help of a local engineering wizard, we created an assembly line out of parts from the local Home Hardware, with the potential to mass produce our product. Through many years of research, development and the trials and tribulations that come along with growing a small business, we have reached a sustainable point to meet the needs and demands of our ever growing customer base. 

In April of 2016 our family was rocked by a devastating fire which completely destroyed our factory. The factory itself was one of the oldest buildings in Parkhill, so not only did we lose our facilities, but Parkhill lost a piece of history as well. As with all hardships we persevered and from fire, comes new beginnings. After many years of following their own passions the brothers reunited and came to realize their father's dream was theirs as well. QwickWick was about to become a second generation business with Casey, Jason and Jonny at the helm.With great help from the local community of Parkhill we were able to rebuild our facilities in record time, we were now up and running with a new building and filling orders, the fire now just a distant memory. 

With the help of our father, the community, a renewed sense of family and our loyal customer base QwickWick, in our opinion is now better than ever. We are proud of the product we are producing and we are determined to ensure we are delivering the best product and service to our customers now and well into the future. We are determined to give back to our community, the environment and everybody who has helped in our rebuild and success. Thank you from our family to yours.