Jonathon Wall - Qwick Wick Research & Development

Qwick Wick takes great pride in our testing requirements, so we thought about who would put our product to the ultimate test? Only one person came to mind, our little brother Jonathon Wall! Jonny is a Search and Rescue Technician with the Canadian Military. SAR Techs are land and sea survival experts whose specialized rescue techniques, include Arctic rescue, parachuting, diving, mountain-climbing as well as helicopter rescue. In Jonny's line of work sometimes starting a fire swiftly and in hazardous conditions could be a matter of life or death. We couldn't be more proud of our little brother and the profession he has chosen and we know he's going to continue putting Qwick Wicks to the ultimate test. Want to learn more about SAR Techs? click the link to watch the video below!

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Jonathon Wall