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A gentlemen starting is outdoor fire place using a quick wick fire stater

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The Secret to Cleaning Black Soot off  Camping Cookware

The Secret to Cleaning Black Soot off Camping Cookware

One of the best things about camping is cooking over hot coals and an open flame. This is just something that can't be replicated in any 5 star kit...
True Patriot Love

True Patriot Love

Well.... today I begin my True Patriot Love journey! Recently I was selected to participate in The Douglas Expedition #TPLExpedition Best of Canada...

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At Forests Ontario, we’re dedicated to making Ontario’s forests greener. Our ambitious tree planting initiatives, extensive education programs, and decades of community outreach have helped plant millions of trees in the province each year—and it’s through these efforts that we’re bringing our vision for healthier forests to a new generation of stewards, partners, teachers, and donors.



Veteran Owned

Entrepreneurship provides an attractive option for many leaving the military to build on the skills they developed in service and focus on a new mission: their own business success. While other employment programs exist, POE is the only program in Canada that addresses the needs of military members who want to become business owners.


Ontario Wood

We believe Ontario Wood is the natural choice in balancing price, function, beauty, versatility and performance. Whether your choice is made based on quality and price, whether it’s about supporting local producers and local communities, whether it’s about what’s best for the environment, or whether it’s simply because you love the natural beauty of wood products — Ontario Wood can meet your needs.