Qwick Wick Celebrates 30 Years of Business



Parkhill, ON Canada – February 1, 2022 -  February 2, 2022, marks the 30th Anniversary of what is now known as the World’s Best Fire Starter, Qwick Wick.
Founded by entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast Frank Wall in 1992, Qwick Wick was born from an idea to create jobs for people within the community of Strathroy who were affected by mental disabilities.

As appreciation for the product gained popularity, demand grew requiring the creation of a custom assembly line requiring the factory to move to Parkhill, ON Canada where production continues today. 

Like most businesses, Qwick Wick has had its share of trials and tribulations, but thanks to the demand from its loyal ever-growing customer-base the company has reached a sustainable point to meet increasing international demand.  

For three decades Qwick Wick fire starters have helped millions of campers, cottagers and outdoor enthusiasts build fires - quickly and safely.

“Thirty years later Qwick Wick remains committed to fostering a sense of community, promoting family cohesion, and respect of the environment by using this planet’s resources with care.” said Qwick Wick founder Frank Wall

From its humble beginnings Qwick Wick expanded its marketing efforts from cottage and camping trade shows to partnering with Parks Ontario and world-renowned organizations like NASCAR to tapping into grassroots racing across Canada through regional series, tracks and a range of amateur and professional motorsport athletes.  

In 2020, Qwick Wick in partnership with NASCAR Canada and sports broadcaster TSN the Qwick Wick cavemen was introduced in a 15-second TV spot. This past summer through a fun contest, customers were invited to name the mascot and they delivered.  The Qwick Wick cavemen is now known as Burnswell, who made virtual appearances at select events this past summer.

“Once the public try a sample or buy their first 4-pack they immediately appreciate the ease and safety that Qwick Wick fire starters deliver when starting campfires, fireplaces and woodstoves.” said Dave Lloyd, Qwick Wick President.   “We’ve built excellent relationships with our marketing partners distributors and our retail network. Ultimately, it is the consumer that decides to make Qwick Wick part of their home and outdoor adventures and we sincerely appreciate the continued loyalty.”

The retail network for the World’s Best Fire Starter has grown to over 6,000 locations across Canada and the USA. The availability Qwick Wick will continue to expand to Mexico and Europe over the coming months and years.  

To celebrate this significant milestone customers are invited to follow Qwick Wick’s social media channels throughout 2022 for special 30th Anniversary content, contests and event activations.

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