3 Practical Ways to Use Fire Starters Besides Campfires

Fire starters are incredibly handy to have on hand, no matter where you plan on lighting a fire. Plus, they take the hassle and time-consuming process out of building a fire. Here are a few more practical ways to use fire starters besides campfires.

Your Indoor Fireplace

If you have an authentic fireplace at home, your fire starter can be put to good use here as well. On those cold, winter evenings when you need to make your home cozy and warm, you can light your fire starter and have a glowing, toasty fire in minutes.

The Wood-Burning Stove

Lighting a wood-burning stove is another popular and practical way to use fire starters. These are generally found in older homes and cottages, and they're often the predominant source of heat. This makes it's imperative to have a good, reliable fire starter that can help to ensure you get a long burn-time and flame. Otherwise, it can require a whole lot of time and effort to keep the home heated.

Large Bonfires

One of the best features about certain fire starters is that they can be used individually for creating smaller, more intimate fire settings or they can be combined to ignite even large, roaring bonfires. So when it’s time to collect your old pieces of furniture and wood to pile high for a bonfire celebration, don’t forget to put your fire starters to good use! They’ll get that large pile burning fast, and they'll keep it burning for as long as you need.

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