4 Fire Starting Struggles Every Camper Knows All too Well

Even though camping out in nature is supposed to be calm and rejuvenating, it doesn’t always go as planned — especially as a novice camper. The unpredictability of nature can sometimes throw a wrench in your plans, like having wet weather with no dry kindling to build your fire. This is just one of the fire starting struggles every camper knows far too well! Here are a few more struggles you can probably relate to.

Being too Unprepared

It’s easy to misjudge the sort of items you need to bring along with you before arriving at your campsite. Often, we’re focused on just packing up and getting out as fast as possible to soak up every moment in the fresh air. But all that rushing can make you forget to stock on certain items for the fire like kindling and newspapers, extra matches, and whatever you need to cook over the fire. Being too unprepared can leave you stranded with wet kindling and no fire.

The Camp Firewood Sells Out

Have you ever gone to pick up more firewood only to see the SOLD OUT sign in the window? Well, you’re certainly not alone! Forgetting to stock up properly with your firewood is another struggle we all know very well! That’s why we always recommend calculating how much you need and then purchasing it all at once (plus a little extra) to ensure you have what you need for the entire duration.

Struggling to Light a Fire With Wind

When the winds pick up or a storm looms overhead, it can feel next to impossible to get the fire going. Without the right kind of kindling, it can be difficult to help the fire withstand the breezy weather. And having the patience to keep trying can be enough to ruin your entire evening.

Your Fire Starter Doesn’t Work

When you’re almost settled in at your campsite and ready to build a fire, there’s nothing worse than realizing that your fire starter just isn’t cut out to do the job anymore. And without that reliable spark, starting a fire can be incredibly tricky. Being left without any backup lighters or matches means you’re in for a not-so-pleasant night!

The fire is what camping is all about! And when you experience a hiccup or any of these type of fire starting struggles, it can take the fun out of your entire adventure. With Qwick Wick Fire Starters, you’ll never have to face a flameless night again! Packed with wood shavings and soy-based wax, these fire starters are the only kindling you’ll ever need. Order yours today!