5 Winter Activities Where You Could Use a Firestarter

5 Winter Activities Where You Could Use a Firestarter


Do you carry a firestarter when you’re out exploring or enjoying some brisk winter adventures? Maybe it’s time you should! This handy item will not only keep you warm, but it can also safeguard you from predators, cook your food, and stave off hypothermia. That’s why it’s always wise to plan ahead and have one on hand whenever you head out to enjoy winter activities, especially if you plan to be out somewhere off the beaten trail. Here are some common winter activities where you could use a firestarter.

Cross-Country Skiing

If you’re an avid cross-country skier, a firestarter should come along with you every time you head out for an adventure, whether big or small. That way you’ll never get caught out in the cold. If you need to stop and warm up or if you get lost along an unfamiliar trail, you can quickly start a fire to stay warm and signal for help.


A small snowmobile accident can quickly turn into a dangerous situation if you’re out on your own and stuck somewhere in the winter bush. That’s why it’s essential to plan ahead by adding a firestarter to your pack before heading out on your trip. These will start even in unfavourable conditions, and the sparks won’t dry out before you can get a fire going.

Winter Camping

Winter camping is an activity that’s loved by many. Any avid camping pro knows that you can’t always rely on finding dry wood or kindling during this time of year which is why they carry firestarters with them. Whether it’s your first time or not, always follow the advice of the experts and carry a firestarter so you can quickly get a fire going even in the winter.


There are a number of designated sledding areas that require a little hiking to get to. Even if you’re planning a short day out with the kids, you should always be prepared in case the weather suddenly turns or the temperatures drop quickly.

Cottage Time

Campfires aren’t only for the summertime — they can also be enjoyed during the wintertime when you’re bundled up. To save yourself the hassle of lighting one in the cold and wet outdoors, bring a firestarter along with you to the cottage.  The Qwick Wick brand will burn for a solid 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to light a decent fire that the whole family will enjoy.

No matter what winter activity you have planned this season, always remember to bring a Qwick Wick firestarter along with you, just in case. It will stand up to our wet Canadian winters and even withstand winds up to 50 km/hr. Best of all, it burns for 30 minutes with an 8+ inch wick, giving you the fire you need to stay protected in case of an emergency.