The Secret to Cleaning Black Soot off Camping Cookware

One of the best things about camping is cooking over hot coals and an open flame. This is just something that can't be replicated in any 5 star kitchen. However it doesn't happen with out a cost, the black soot it leaves on your pots can be a little over whelming when it comes time to clean up. Hopefully this quick tip will help save you time cleaning and get you back to the campfire!

Equipment: pots, mild dish soap and wash basin/sink

Step 1: Clean your pots. Fill your wash basin/sink with warm water and mild dish soap. Add enough water so that when you put the pot into the water in will not spill over into the pot. Leave pot in soapy water for 5-10 minutes.


Step 2: Remove the pot from the water and set on counter to air dry. Take a wet cloth and wipe inside the pot. Do not wipe anything off the outside of the pot (the soap will leave an invisible film on the outside of pot)

Step 3: Go outside and cook an amazing meal over an open flame or hot coals. Remember take your time and enjoy the food because this time clean up is going to be a breeze!

Step 4 ( the easy part ): Take a tamp cloth and wipe down your pot. The soot will bind with the film of soap left on the pot and wipe off. * The top two photos are a pot with soap film on the outside. You can see with one wipe of the cloth how well it works. The bottom two photos are a pot without the soap film and you can see after scrubbing with a damp cloth the soot remains on the pot.




Conclusion: We hope this simple tip helps prolong your camping gear, reduces your time cleaning pots and increases your time around the CAMPFIRE!